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Who Will Love This?


From the creator of Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts in Southern California (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Clemente & San Diego), comes a murder mystery you can solve from your home:

Sherlock In Your Homes.


If you're not familiar with Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts, Click Here for the Yelp reviews for our Laguna Beach location. As I write this, there's:  220  5-star reviews /  6  4-star reviews /  1  3-star review, and none lower than that!   

(If you are in Southern CA, or will be visiting, Click Here for the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt website)

We know how to design great clues that are Interesting, Unique, Challenging, Multi-Layered, Logical and FUN!!! ... And very importantly: balanced to be challenging but still solvable for most groups. If clues are too difficult, it’s just frustrating... too easy and it’s not satisfying when you solve it.

This murder mystery is intentionally a little more challenging than our scavenger hunts. The reason for this is because the scavenger hunts are a competition between many teams. Each team must get the same clues or the competition isn't fair. With this home version, you can adjust how difficult you want it to be. For an expert version, challenge your team to solve it without any hints. If you're not at the expert level, we've provided a webpage with hints for every clue. See the How It Works page for more info on that. Whenever you're stuck, visit that page for a small hint, or keep scrolling down for more revealing hints, until you know the solution. Every clue should be fun, even if you need a little help.

If the description you've read from all pages of this website sounds intriguing,


On a scale of 1 - 10, to a lot of people, this is a 10!

If you:

     -Enjoy solving well-designed, multi-level brain teasers

     -Like using your brain in your entertainment

     -Are interested in examining details and piecing things together

     -Have enjoyed the puzzle solving aspect of escape rooms

     -Love the feeling after you mastered a tricky problem...

You will LOVE this!

But this game is not for everyone. Some people will HATE this. It involves a lot of thinking and using logic to solve clues, sometimes without clear directions. Your job is to figure out what the clues are trying to tell you. If you don’t enjoy the challenge of solving logic based puzzles, you should not buy this. You may consider this to be 'work', rather than pleasure.



It depends on the kid. This is intended to be challenging for adults. A smart 12 year old will probably enjoy it and be able to solve a lot of it. (Especially if playing with parent(s), or a couple friends). Just be sure to encourage them to check the Hints & Answers page when they are stuck, or it could be frustrating.

The subject material is not extreme, but there are references to drug use, sex and of course... murder. The crime scene pictures are not gory. There are some pictures with blood spatter, but no realistic dead bodies or body parts. It's not intended to be scary. There is no nudity. Please contact us before purchasing if you have any specific concerns.


Do you have a loved one that's spending more time at home than ever before? 

Want to do something nice for them at a very reasonable cost?

May we suggest: Sherlock In Your Homes!

To purchase this as a gift, email us at and we'll send a link to pay for a gift certificate for a membership. Include the name you want in the 'to' and 'from' fields of the certificate. 

We'll email the gift certificate to you that you can print or forward to the recipient.

The reason for this is:

1) Using the PURCHASE NOW page assigns the membership to your email address, and this can't be changed! They would have to use your log-in info to access the members pages of the site. 

2) If you use the PURCHASE NOW page, the 30 days of access starts immediately. With a gift certificate, the person can start their investigation whenever they are ready.

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