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    Buy Now. 30 day access to all online materials for 1 team.
    Valid for one month

One low price (only $25) for your whole team!  (Not $25 per person).

This covers any size team (1 - 4 players) to play through the investigation together.


You'll get immediate access to the Members Only parts of this website.  See below for instructions about creating your account. (You do NOT need a Paypal account). Also read below if you are purchasing as a gift!

Some people have reported the button to pay is not there when using Internet Explorer.

Please try using a different browser if you have this issue. Or email me:

Click the SELECT button above. Then, click SIGN UP. 

You only need to fill in your email address and the password you want to use for this site. (The email address can't be changed). 

Or you can sign in using Google or Facebook if you don't want to remember another password.

After you click BUY NOW you'll be directed to pay for the membership. It will be processed through Paypal, but you do NOT need a Paypal account.

If you don't want to use Paypal, look for the button towards the bottom that says,


You'll get an email from us within minutes. Check your Junk folder if it's not in your inbox.

You'll have access to the Members Only pages and you can start your investigation immediately!

At a later time, when you want to continue, just log in from any computer.

You'll have 30 days to complete your investigation.

After that, your membership will expire and the murderer gets away.

Be sure to read both the How It Works and Who Will Love This pages before purchasing for important information.


If you are buying this as a gift, read the bottom of the Who Will Love This page to learn about gift certificates. 

Do not purchase here as a gift before reading that section!

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