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How It Works



Work together to solve the murder, or go it alone.

For most people, this will be the most fun in a team of 2 - 3 people. This will allow you to collaborate and still all be very involved in solving the clues.

You can share with 4 (or more) people, but depending on the dynamic of your group, and how well you communicate, some people may not be very involved in the game. 

No reason not to play alone. It will be more difficult when you don't have other perspectives, but there are hint pages whenever you get stuck. (see below).



It's impossible to say how long this will take your group. It will vary based on how many people are on your team, how fast you are able to solve the clues, and how quick you are to check the HINTS page.

An average team takes about 3.5 – 4.5 hours to solve the murder. Most teams do it in 2 sittings, but lots do it all at once... it is somewhat addicting and hard to walk away from. Some teams do it casually, spread out over over 3 or 4 different days. Work at your own pace. You have 30 days from when you purchase to access everything you need from the paid members area. After 30 days, your access expires, and the murderer gets away.


Computer with internet connection: You’ll need a full-size screen. It will be very difficult to solve parts of this on a phone. You’ll need to visit our website and conduct online searches. And you will need to download PDF documents. This software can be downloaded for free. Try searching, “adobe acrobat pdf reader free.”

Printer: Some pages must be printed in color.

Scissors: Needed for one of the clues.



After you pay your very reasonable dues on the Purchase Now page, you'll have access to the Members Only pages of this website for 30 days. There, you'll find:

-An Introduction that will make it easy to get organized and start investigating Nicole's (the victim's) house.

-Background info on the 10 suspects (5 pages). You should read it, but no need to memorize anything. You can refer back throughout your investigation.

-Detective Notes (14 pages) that you must print.

-Crime Scene Pictures that can be viewed from the Members Only pages.

Detective Notes and Crime Scene Pictures must be used together to solve the clues.

It may sound like a lot, but it is easy to navigate. Every clue is labelled with a specific room, so just match up the Detective Notes with the Crime Scene Pictures for any room, and you're ready to go.


It's not easy to solve every room, but the good news is:

We want you to have fun and to feel the satisfaction of solving the clues.

So, all the help you need is available 24-7:

There’s a 'Hints & Answers' page that’s very easy to navigate.

And we carefully spaced out the hints so you shouldn’t get more help than you need!

Select the room you’re stuck on. At the top of the page will be a small hint. If that wasn’t enough and you’re still stuck, scroll down for the next hint which will be a little more revealing. Depending on the complexity of a room, there could be over 15 sections of hints. For every room, when you scroll down to the bottom, you'll find the explanation of exactly how to solve it, and the final answer for that room.

Think of it as if you have the expert version of the game. Checking a few hints for any room is an intermediate version. And beginners can check as often as needed.


When you’ve determined the murderer and murder weapon, there’s a verdict link, which confirms if you got it right! It details exactly how the crime unfolded, tying together some details you may not have noticed, and closes the case to a satisfying finale.


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