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Greetings Detective,

Earlier today, Nicole was murdered in her home!

Your team (1 – 4 people) are detectives assigned to the case. You have background information on 10 suspects, each with a different motive to kill Nicole. You’ll investigate 10 rooms in her house. Your file includes Crime Scene Pictures and Detective Notes for each room. Use them together to solve tricky clues and puzzles. You’ll also need to do some online investigating, and there will be some surprises lined up for you along the way. Solve all 10 rooms correctly and you’ll reveal who the murderer is. You’ll also determine the murder weapon, which is still in the house somewhere.

It’s not easy, but we provide hints that you can access as you need them. Read the How It Works page for more info on hints. If you're an expert clue-solver, try to solve it all without checking for a hint. If you're at an intermediate level, look up some hints as you get stuck. For beginners, increasing revealing hints are available for every clue. You can control exactly how challenging or easy the entire experience is.


When you’ve determined the murderer and murder weapon, there’s a verdict link, which confirms if you got it right! It details exactly how the crime unfolded, tying together some details you may have missed, and closes the case to a satisfying finale.





“SO Much Fun!”      

“Such a unique game. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

“It took about 4 hours, but we were so engaged, the time just flew by.”

“If you like solving creative puzzles, this will be heaven for you.”

“So many exciting ‘aha’ moments.”

“By far, the most fun we’ve had since being stuck at home.”

“Absolutely Amazing! Genius!”

“I loved it so much, after I finished, I bought 2 memberships to give as gifts.”

“I did this with my teenage son. It was surprising how much he solved that I couldn’t, and how often I was able to solve parts he couldn’t... A real team effort.”

“Once you think you’re getting the hang of the clues, they throw something else completely different at you.”

“So much entertainment at a very cheap price. I would’ve paid double and felt it was a great deal.”




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